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Driving License

Getting a Driving License in USA:

Each State in USA has its own rules and regulations, so please check with your State Motor Vehicle Department. Some states in USA allow a person with International Driving Permit (this can be obtained from Motor Vehicle Department in India) to drive in USA for six (6) months . Driving license is accepted as a photo-id for identification.
Before going for driving license one has to get the social security number or the letter from Social Security Agency (SSA); allowing the person to get the driving license.

The process of getting a Driving License has two phases:

i) Getting the learners permit :

For this the Motor Vehicle department (MVD) conducts the written test . First the eye-sight testing and color blindness testing is done and then the candidate has to sit for the written exam. This written test is either computerized or pen and paper with multiple answer type.

The Driving Manual, which contains the driving rules and regulations, is available without charge at all the MVD offices. One has to read it thoroughly, line by line to pass the written exam as the questions are of multiple choice type.

For Written test the documents required are :

a) Social Security Number or letter from SSA
b) Passport for Photo identification.

As the individual on H4 visa (visa for dependents spouse, children) are not issued Social Security Number but they are issued a letter from Social Security Office for getting License as well as for opening Bank account. You can find the SSA near to you by visiting the site

Preparing for Driving test:

Once one gets the driving permit then one can start learning driving. One valid driving license holder must be riding , while one is learning the driving. Or there are Driving Schools , where licensed drivers known as instructors teach driving. The fee usually starts from $25 per hour onwards. Check your local Yellow pages (Telephone directory) .

ii) Driving test :

The driving test can be taken after getting learners permit. In New Jersey there are separate places where the test is conducted. In New Hampshire usually the person has to drive on highway for test.

Document required for driving test :

1) Passport or any photo ID
2) Learner permit

The Driver is tested on

1) Starting, accelerating and stopping the vehicle
2) Obeying the rules and signs posted on the roads (speed limit, Stop sign, Yield sign, Signal Lights etc.)
3) Control over the speeds and negotiating the twists and turns without crossing over the road divider (Yellow line dividing the road)
4) Parallel parking and execution of K Turn

After one passes the driving test the Driving License is issued for four (4) years. If you have moved from one state to another state then you have to get the new states driving license after a certain number of days/weeks/months. Same is applied if there is change of Address. For these rules and regulations please contact your MVD.

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