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Job Switching in USA

Things to be considered:

i) Compensation :- regular :

Usually paid semi-monthly or monthly

ii) Compensation :- Bench period :

It varies as some company pay nothing during this period and some pay some percentage of the full compensation.
Bench period is applicable in case of Consulting company. Consulting companies or Body shopping companies give their employee to another client company on per hour charge basis. In this case Consulting company charges the client company on hourly basis and may pay the employee on an annual or hourly basis for the number of hours worked by the employee. Bench period is the period when the employee is not working at client site.

iii) Medical Insurance ( For self and family :- does it covers vision and dental also ?)

iv) Life Insurance :-

Short term Disability
Long Term Disability
Life term Disability

v) Signing in bonus :-

To attract people with hot skill companies give signing-in bonus also.

vi) Green Card processing :

Many company start just after 3 month. Usually on an average it is after six months.

vii) Reimbursement of relocation expenses :

The work site may change either due to relocation of work site itself or because of change of client company in case of Consulting companies. Most of the Consulting companies pay for the expenses incurred due to relocation such as penalty for breaking the lease contract for the apartment, moving the household goods from one place to another as well as moving family members from one place to another place.

viii) 401(K) participation:

Some companies provide either a matching portion or certain fixed percentage of company contribution also. This is similar to Provident Fund Scheme. For more information you may check out ,

ix) Stock Option

x) Leave -- Usually 10 days paid vacation

xi) Sick Leave - Usually 8/10 days

xii) Bond :

Usually companies expect the employee to stay for at least one year. If the contract is broken then company may ask for reimbursement of the expenses incurred in getting the H1 visa. Some companies even set penalty from $3000 to $10,000.

xiii) Overtime :-

Usually the company expects its consultant to work for at least 40 hours per week some have set it to 50 hours per week. The extra hours worked are awarded with overtime of 11/2 (one and half) times the rate the regular amount paid for an hour.

xiv) Visa for dependents :-

Who bears the expenses for visa processing for dependents ( The visa type is H4 visa, which means that holder of H4 visa are not elligible to work in USA) ?

xv) Travel cost for self and Dependents :-

Some companies pay for the travel expenses for both the H1 employee as well as the Dependents. Some pay only for the employee and not for the dependents. Some even ask the employee to come to USA at their own cost.