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Fr. Peter's Appeal


The Executive Director

Chotanagpur Rising Association,



The Applicant:

Fr. Peter Minj

Catholic Church Banki

P.O. Banki 835 201

Dist. Simdega



Subject: Financial Aid for the poor children of R.C. Middle School, Banki

Amount Requested: Rs.5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only)

$100 (One Hundred US Dollars)


Dear Friends,

Love and greetings from Fr. Peter Minj and wishing you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year of 2002. I am fine and doing ministry well.

I am teaching and helping the students in school. As a headmaster, it is a good occasion to share about my school. Banki is one of the oldest mission stations started in 1947. Is situated about 70 kms. North-East of Simdega and nearly 150 kms from Ranchi. This is a tribal belt with 85% tribal people. Banki mission station is surrounded by dense forests and plenty of stones. The vast majority of the people are Mundas.

There are two schools in Banki, namely Middles as well as High School. There are 800 students in Middle school. This is a co-education, and most of the students are coming on foot from very far. We dont have electricity and nice roads. Due to poverty most of the students discontinued their studies. We take some contribution from the students. The annual fees are Rs. 150/- for class IV-VI and Rs. 130/- for the below.

Therefore, I approach you to grant some amount for the students of R.C. Middle School Banki. Hope, you will consider my application.



Sincerely Yours,


Fr. Peter Minj



Fr. Peter infront of School

Working in the field





Name, Location,                                                    Amount
Mr. Aloke Toppo, Bangalore, India                         Rs. 500.00
Mr. Ajit, Mrs. Jaya, Mr. David Lakra, New Jersey, USA $30.00
Mr. Cyril Tigga, Virginia, USA                                      $25.00
Mr.Dhansidh Lakra, Maryland, USA                              $25.00
Mr. Marianus Mrs. Lily Ekka, Virginia, USA                 $100.00
Mr. John, Mrs. Manjula Ekka, New Jersey, USA            $50.00
Total : Rs. 500.00 &   $230.00

Thank you Everyone !


Letter from Fr. Peter

Catholic Church,


Simdega, Jharkhand


Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for your kind and generous gift, which you had given for the poor children of my school Banki.

We all, the staff and students and myself wish you all the best in your day to day life. May the good Lord shower his blessings on each one of you. Now we are preparing for Puja Holidays. We finished our first Terminal examination in last month.

We are very happy to receive your generous love and gifts, hope you will do us favor in future too.

With best wishes.

Sincerely Yours,

Fr. Peter Minj