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A Note on XLRI

A Note on XLRI

Pradeep Ekka, Tata Steel, Jamshedpur

What follows next is my experience and what I know about XLRI.

The full form of XLRI is Xavier Labour Relations Institute. This was set up by the American Jesuit Priests from US - Maryland. It is located just by the side of Jubilee Park at Jamshedpur. (Please check for detail )

At the beginning classes were held at Loyola School. Now it has its own campus, beautiful building, wonderful library etc. etc.

After Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), Ahmedabad, Calcutta and Bangalore, the fourth best Management Institute of India is XLRI.

I came to know about XLRI in the year 1979, when I was in Second Year at St. Xaviers College, Ranchi. Around that time only, I had started preparing for the admission test, by reading relevant books such as -GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test). Around two years of preparation helped me to get through the written test.

But I was weak in English (oral), so I joined English Spoken Course conducted by Mr. T. O'Brian, an English Professor of St. Xaviers College. This helped me a lot in confidently facing the interview. I also took the help of Father Beni Ekka, who is currently the Director of XISS Ranchi. He guided me with regard to the probable questions and their appropriate answer.

First six months were the most difficult one at the XLRI. As per the terms and conditions of the XLRI, if anyone gets more than three under 'C' grade, his name is deleted. Well I survived and also did well in the academics as well as all other extracurricular activities.

So the trick to get into XLRI is to start preparation early. The format gets changed on regular basis, so be aware of the current and relevant format (questions).

XLRI, has kept pace with the changing time and still respected as one of the Best Management Institute of India. However, to maintain the above quality there is no compromise on the quality of intake of the students. One has to be really good to complete the course.

This sounds discouraging. Not really, many of Chotanagpurians have successfully completed the course and doing pretty well in life. For example in my batch (82-84) there were six ST students - Niral James Kachhap, Bruno Ekka, Kenneth Ekka, Cornelius Baxla, Joseph Toppo and me and all of us did pretty well.

It is true for other batches too. However, there have been few hiccups. Perhaps, in some years, for some reasons some of us could not complete the course.

I like one sentence of Oprah Winfrey " There is no discrimination against excellence".

So we got to be excellent.

With regard to financial burden or expenses for the course, I think, it takes about two to two and Half lakhs Indian Rupees, for two years course, (Tuition Fee, Hostel accommodation, Mess fees all inclusive.)

During our time (82-84), it was pretty cheap - With 20,000 Rs. all the above, expenses were covered. Well, the whole world has become much, costlier since then. ( Banks give Student Loan for higher studies, which can be paid after completing the education and once one is employed at nominal rate. For detail contact the bank near you.
For example you may visit , under - Personal Banking- Education Loan section is available or go to )

One last sentence - XLRI really made me a man from a boy. It was wonderful experience being there for two years. As a matter of fact, most enjoyable part of my life.



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