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Protest Letter

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March 1st,2001

The Chief Minister
The State of Jharkhand

Subject: Condemnation of the Police Firing at Tapkara


With a deep sense of anguish and anger we, the members of the Chotanagpur Rising Association, condemn the police firing on the peaceful demonstrators at Tapkara on February 2nd, 2001. It is extremely unfortunate that the police atrocities would be perpetrated so shamelessly against the tribal people in a state which, in fact, came into existence for the fulfillment of tribal aspiration of freedom and emancipation. We are totally left aghast at your inability to even visit the victims' families right away. We can only hope that the people at the helm of affairs in the state would not forsake the value of fellow feeling and community, the basis for a new society in Jharkhand. The state of Jharkhand will stand distinguished and vindicated, true to the dream of those, who sacrificed their lives for it, only when the leaders in the government as well as in the bureaucracy would consciously seek to approach all the issues facing the people from people's perspective of community living based on their heritage and tradition.

We appeal to you to take effective measures to avoid repetition of such incident and also creating an atmosphere of sensitivity, harmony and accessibility even by providing adequate compensation to the victims' family.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely

John Ekka

The Chotanagpur Rising Association
C/O. Bro. Vincent Minz,
Society of St. Paul,
2187 Victory Blvd.,
Staten Island,
NY 10314, USA
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