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Protest Letter(Rome)

Hi Chotanagpur Rising Association,

We the Adiwasi Students of Rome following the good example of the Secretary of the association (Mr. John Ekka) faxed a letter of protest to the chief Minister of the State of Jharkhand about the 'Tapkara Massacre'. Expressing our displeasure about the way our leaders handled the whole event. Besides, we also wanted to sympathize with so many of our brothers and sisters who suffer innocently. This is the time to show our solidarity with the families who lost their dear ones and also to keep up the pressure as the assembly
sessions are on.
Please find the copy letter of condemnation with the signature of the Adiwasi students of Rome.

Adiwasi Student's Union, Rome
Vimarcati, 00139, Rome, Italy.
Fax To. 0091-651-309309 (India)

March 07, 2001.

The Chief Minister
The State of Jharkhand

Subject: Condemnation of 'Tapkara Massacre'.


The 'Tapkara Massacre' of innocent tribals and minorities on February 2, 2001 has left us with profound sense of sadness and insecurity. It is a real shame to note that those who are put in-charge of safeguarding the law are themselves breakers of the law. The behavior of the officer-in-charge of Tapkara O.P. Mr. R.N. Singh and of Mr. Akshay Kumar of Rania police station on 2nd February was not worthy of their rank. They have committed a heinous crime by ordering the police firing on the peaceful demonstrators at Tapkara. We are deeply shocked at your lukewarm attitude to such atrocity.
The local M.L.A too was unable to take stock of the situation and take the needed measures.

Therefore, we request you to take effective measures soon and pay heed to their just demands in order to re-assure harmony and peace in the area.

Thanking you. Jai Jharkhand !

Yours sincerely,

J Pauria

Signatures Attached:

1. Binay Bara
2. Birender Toppo
3. Hilarius Kullu
4. Joseph Pauria
5. Louis Ekka
6. Pascal Beck
7. Peter Tigga
8. Ranjit Tigga
9. Siblal Murmu
10. Tarcis Toppo