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Scribe - Emanuel Toppo

(Help for writing Reports, letter, instructions etc.)


Make clear the purpose

What do I want that readers will
- Do
- Know
- Feel?

Think about the reader

- By what reason readers will react as I want?
- What do the readers know about subject?
- Which word and expression readers have a good grasp?
- Which tone suits the readers and subject?

Crack ideas

- What? Why? How? Who? When? Where?

Organize ideas

Next step

Use visual help

- Headings? Photos? Diagrams? Numberings?

Write first draft

- Only write, do not do corrections!

(Prima vista method of writing)


- Take rest, do not write any thing more or ask some one to read.
- Do other things.


Purpose and readers

- Is the purpose correct with respect to readers situation?
- Is there enough reason to get reader interested?
- Is the text suitable to readers knowledge about subject?
- Is tone correct with respect to the readers?
- Are all ideas meaningful for readers?

Organization and layout

- Do come out the purpose within 15 seconds?
- Is the text organized according to 4 blocks of organize ideas?
- Do I bring out message with visual help?

Facts and language

- Are all the facts correct?
- Contain each part and idea? Hold good and important first in each part (paragraph)?
- Are all sentences and words simple, short and straight on object?
- Have I used living verbs, active forms and avoided formal subject?
- Is the shifting of sentences clear?
- Is spelling correct?
- Are YOU and THEY correct used?
- Are abbreviations necessary?
- Is date and numbers correct?
- Is punctuation correct?

This is prima vista . write to get results.

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Contributed by Emanuel Toppo