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Tips for IIT-JEE

Tips for IIT-JEE preparation

Vikash Kumar Barnwal, IIT Kharagpur


-----> Who am I?

Let me introduce myself. I am currently in final year (2001 batch) student of Mathematics and Computing at IIT Kharagpur. I belong to a small place Suriya in Giridih district in Jharkhand.
I just want to share my experience with those who aspire to study in IITs. May be they can get some benefit from it.

-----> My Journey before coming to IIT:

I did my schooling in Suriya High School till class X. Then after that I completed my XII, that is, Intermediate of Science from Annada College (Hazaribagh). After that I took coaching for 8 months from Nalanda classes (Patna). So I dropped one year before coming to IIT Kharagpur.

-----> Few Important Points:

Let me tell you very frankly that getting into Indian Institute of Technology is not at all difficult if you have determination. Of course, there is a small luck factor involved, but for them there is always a next time. The very important thing is planning. For those from State Board have to usually drop one year for the preparation (not necessarily). But those from CBSE like boards have some advantage and make it in the first attempt itself. Anyway, it depends on the individual and not on Boards.
When people start preparing for IIT-JEE, they start reading so many books (of very famous authors) at a time and get confused. So, one should stick to one good book instead of having so many books in the first go. Once you finish it thoroughly then only go for other books. This is my personal concept. It may not fit everybody. Now a days also there is fashion of getting some correspondence course kind of thing for the preparation and I think they really help you if you follow the guidelines carefully. But one can do without this also.
The pattern of IIT-JEE exam keeps on changing and now a days they are having two rounds, one, the screening and after that a written test. The information can be obtained from the sites mentioned below.
I will be happy to reply to a mail from any of you who are preparing for IIT-JEE or want to prepare for it. So, please write to me about any of your difficulties or queries regarding IIT-JEE.

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