Tips for Interview

Tips for Interview

John Ekka, New Jersey, USA

Before Interview

1) Reach the place of interview at least half an hour earlier, so that you have time to tidy yourself as well as calm down yourself.

2) Prepare a file/folder to keep all your certificates and documents. Arrange the certificates from school certificates to college and postgraduate certificates in order.

3) Do a SWOT Analysis of yourself (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threat) Find out the strengths which you can utilize for the particular job you have applied. ( For example you are good in programming so you are applying for Programmer job)
Know about your weakness, so that you can avoid going into those areas.

4) Know about yourself. Prepare something about yourself, this is a common question Tell me about yourself. You may tell about, from where you have done your schooling, college and hobbies. You may be asked about your religion. (In my case I was asked -- Jesus said Love thy neighbor, as you love yourself How it is possible? What is written in the book of Genesis? Why you call yourself Christian? )

5) Take a good nights sleep prior to interview at least 6-7 hours of sleep. Otherwise you will have a fuzzy head and will not be able to listen to questions and will not be able to think clearly. Never do a night out prior to interview.

6) Read about the company or organization, whatever you get. What is its business? Who are the competitors? How it is doing in terms of revenue and profits? If you are applying for technical post then concentrate on its technical workings. If you are applying for management job then concentrate on the area related to its management functions.

7) Never go for interview without preparation.

8) Wear suitable dress for interview. If you are wearing appropriate dress then you will feel confident and in control of yourself. Say if everyone is wearing suit and you are not, then you will become self conscious and loose confidence, feel awkward and become nervous.

During Interview

1) As soon as you enter the room greet all of the interviewers with a smiling face (Specially Americans like smiling face!) Try to control yourself and DO NOT GET NERVOUS! Sit on the chair only when you are asked to sit not before that. (If no one has asked you to sit, you can ask whether you can sit -- but it happens rarely). Sit with your back straight, as it shows that you are attentive. Do not fidget around, which shows you are nervous and uncomfortable.

2) Be attentive and listen carefully. If you are unable to understand whatever is said, ask the speaker to repeat him/herself. But do not overdo it.

3) If you know the answer then before answering organize your thoughts. If you do not know the answer tell them that you do not know. Do not try to give a round about answer.

4) While speaking try to look at the person who has put the question. His facial expression may tell you whether he likes your answer or no. If more than one interviewer is there then start speaking looking at the person who asked and then address everyone present.

5) If the question belongs to the area in which you are weak then try to divert the course of interview towards the subjects in which you have strength.

6) While speaking do not speak rapidly but speak slowly and clearly so that the listeners have a chance to grasp whatever you are saying. Also do not play with pen/pencil while speaking.

7) If at the end of interview they ask you if you have any questions, DO NOT SAY NO! Take this opportunity to ask about the responsibilities of the positions, type of work you will be given, type of performance reviews, career path of the company. This shows that you are interested in the company and the job.

8) Before you leave the room Do not forget to thank the interviewer(s) .

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