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Nutan Tigga ('98 Batch)
BPCL, Kolkata

When one enters the TISS campus, its like entering a botanical garden with greenery all around, that too in a place like Mumbai, where greenery is a rare beauty. Situated at the suburbs of Mumbai, TISS is known worldwide as a Social Work Institute offering Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW) and a premier Institute for Masters in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations (PM&IR). The Institute also offers course on MHA (Masters in Health Administration) and part time Diploma Course in PM&IR.
Apart from the academics curriculum, one significant aspect of the Institute for both MSW and PMIR is the concept of "Field Work", wherein the students are placed with a NGO/Industrial Organization for fieldwork. For every semester, the students are placed with an NGO (for those studying MSW) or organization (for PM&IR students). So one already has an added experience of practical orientation of their respective field before getting the final job placement.

Moreover, being a Deemed University, the fee charges are much lower when compared to any MBA Institute.
What follows is a short write up on the entrance exam:

The entrance exam on the whole is basically divided into three main parts:

i) The Written Test comprising of Two main sections - a) Aptitude Test b) Essay Writing
ii) Group Discussion
iii) Interview

The Aptitude Test is more or less on any IMS package format - with a section on English Comprehension, Data Interpretation, Mathematics (Xth Std) and General Knowledge. The next, and the more important section comprising the written test is the essay writing section. A choice of three is given, from which the person has to pick up any one topic. The topics are mostly on current affairs.

The written test is immediately followed by the Group Discussion - wherein the entire group (appearing for the written test for that day) is divided into groups of 10. The group is given a choice of 2 topics, the initial 2 minutes is given for the group to decide on the topic to discuss upon. The topics are again related to any current affairs.
The selected persons from the written test & GD are interviewed the very next day. One aspect which the person has to be very about is that why does he/she wants to join the course and the motivating factor behind it. Even if the motive is something like securing a job after the two years of study, there's absolutely no harm in saying it aloud. The panel expects the candidate to be frank. Apart from other norms for giving an effective interview, one focused area is that the panel expects the candidate to have complete knowledge his/her previous course of studies (graduation subject etc). Many a times certain situation might be given, which is only to judge the general aptitude of the person. Since we belong to a newly formed state, even if the person has been studying in some other metro etc, he/she should have a fair idea and might be asked to share some views on aspects/effect/future of post formation of Jharkhand.

For all of the above the best way to prepare is to keep oneself updated with the current affairs through newspapers and magazines. I had also taken he IMS package, which was very helpful for the aptitude test.
While the person goes to Mumbai for the entrance exam, the hostel at the TISS campus is a good place to put up at. During the admission time, there are always a few students (doing their summer training at Mumbai) with whom interactions might prove helpful during this time. Arrangement is also there at the Institute to accommodate the parents accompanying the candidate.

Wishing all those appearing for the entrance exams the very best of Luck!

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