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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who are the people, who have formed this association?

Members of the association are the people of Chotanagpurian Origin and the people who are settled in Chotanagpur, which is Jharkhand State. There are some members also who do not belong to Chotanagpur but want to help others in Chotanagpur. In About Us section, location in bracket denotes the place from where we are.

2) Why the association has been formed?

Our association is a non-profit association. It has not been formed to make money for the members but the members have come together :

a) To provide the people who are away from their place of origin a feeling of community especially for those who are staying in foreign countries. In India there are various association in almost all the cities and metros to do so.

b) To create a Global community of all the Chotanagpurians, wherever they are.

c) To help self and to help others with whatever resources available money, advice, sharing information and experiences.

d) Web site has been created to compile all the useful information/experiences and share it with fellow members. Information of static nature will be posted at our web site, which will be updated regularly.

e) Exclusive egroup chotanagpurinus has been created at, so that member can send news/information (for example Admission open at JNU, Delhi etc.), to all the registered members by sending just one e-mail to Only registered members of Chotanagpur Rising Association can post or receive their message at this egroup.

3) Is the association affiliated to any Political or Religious group?

No, we are not affiliated to any Political or Religious group. Association has been formed neither to spread a particular Religion nor to support a particular Political party. We just believe in Humanity and fellow Chotanagpurians. We want to give something back to our birth/origin place. We want to share whatever we can with our fellow Chotanagpurians.

4) If it is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political association, then why priests are members?

Priests are also Chotanagpurians. Some of them are teaching/running schools and colleges. As in future we are planning to help financially weak students to complete their studies, we need some network to contact these students so that we can help. And it is good to have teachers themselves as members!

Second they come in contact with more Chotanagpurians, so they can spread around the word about our association. More the number of members more help we can provide to fellow Chotanagpurians!

5) Is there any membership fees?

We do not have membership fee as such, but to help others financially, we need money. For this we are dependent on contributions from members, which is not mandatory. Whatever one can afford to contribute is most welcome.

Except money, we expect members to devote their valuable time as contribution towards helping others. We may help a newcomer to our city to settle down. Show they around and make them feel that they are not alone in the strange city/country. This is at least expected from the members to help each other.

6) Who can become a member?

If you are a person of Chotanagpurian origin or you are from Chotanagpur, with an intention and willingness to help other people in Chotanagpur, then you can become a member. If you want to give something back to Chotanagpur and Chotanagpurians , you qualify for membership. Just provide your full name, mailing address both temporary and permanent, e-mail address if any and contact phone number if any. Send the e-mail to

People with an intention to utilize the association membership for personal gain and activities unrelated to association policies and mission will be denied membership.

Decision to deny membership lies with the Office Bearers, whose responsibility is to safeguard the privacy of the registered members.

7) I am a Student/Retired person; can I become a member?

Of course, yes! As you a Student you will be interacting with so many people, just share the information with them. You may even take out some time to even teach/tutor some fellow Chotanagpurian(s) or become mentor to them. Especially if you are in Medical, Engineering Colleges or doing MBA, just share with others how you prepared for the competition! You may advise the young people also in choosing the right path BA, B.Sc. or BCom, which leads to the desired career path.
If you are a Retired person, you have a wealth of knowledge to share with us!

8) How can I contact other members?

Once you become a member, you will be provided with Members List, which contains the name, address, e-mail address and contact phone number of all the members. So you may write a letter and send it thru mail, send e-mail or simply call them.

If you want to broadcast any news/information just write an e-mail to

9) How we are going to achieve our objective?

Here in USA we are organizing Get-Together, to inculcate a feeling of community among fellow members. -Christmas Gathering- will be a regular feature for the people in USA. Once we have a number of members in a city/country the members may organize a local Get-Together there.

Members can always help each other with whatever resources they can afford.
As a starter we are planning to provide financial help to a couple of students in Chotanagpur, who are from financially weak background.

We are trying to compile various information/experiences, which we will be posting on our web site exclusively for members.

10) As a member what are my obligations and duties?

a) Help other members and fellow Chotanagpurians

b) Contact at least one non-member and tell him/her about our association

c) If possible attend the members meetings, but it is not compulsory. Currently meetings are organized only in USA. Members have the access to Minutes of meetings at Members Only section at our web site.

d) Share your experiences and information, you have, with us.

e) Members should not misuse the members list specially in sending Spam e-mails and trying to lure people into pyramidal/multilevel marketing, web franchising business etc; activities unrelated to associations policies and mission.

f) Use the egroup message posting function responsibly. Give genuine and authenticated news/information.

11) What is in there for me, if I become a member?

If you are not missing Chotanagpur or your hometown, then you have nothing to gain, maybe. But if you are missing your hometown, you may find someone (a member) who may be from your own hometown!

If you are in foreign country, come on, you gain a lot! The whole community is there to share with you! You can share your nostalgic feelings and experiences with fellow members by contacting them. Members are here to make you feel at home. Just contact us.

And of course you have the exclusive access to our -Members Only- section, which will contain a plethora of information and experiences to share with you. No one knows everything , so we are trying to share with each other whatever we know.

As a member you may ask us for any help and we will try to help you as much as we can with whatever we can afford.

12) What should I do to become a member?

Just provide your full name, mailing address both temporary and permanent, e-mail address if any and contact phone number if any. Send the e-mail to And your name will be added in the registered members list. Or if you know someone who is a member, just request him/her to convey your details for membership.

13) How should I ask for help?

As soon as you become a member, you will have access to all the members List. Just contact any one, whom you know or are near to you.

Send an e-mail to and each and every member will get your call for Help.

14) Do I need Internet and/or e-mail access for information?

Currently we are compiling information/experiences and posting on our web-site , printed copy may be provided if requested. We have done so because Internet and e-mail are the fast and inexpensive media thru which we can share the information/experiences as well as can contact each other.